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PHNIX Launched Multiple R32 Pool Heat Pumps Recently

2018.07.28GUANGZHOU, China

GUANGZHOU, China, July 27, 2018 -- Under the leading of policy and legislative reform in Europe for reducing emissions of F-gases from refrigeration, air-conditioning units, heat pump and other sources, R32 heat pump products have become more and more popular compared with R410a heat pump products. Meanwhile, R32 as a lower GWP refrigerant has emerged as a new leader and the most promising refrigerant in the industry. Especially, as to the implementation of EU’s phase-down quota policy, R32 is well recognized as a perfect alternative to the existing refrigerant.

Indeed R32 has a number of other attributes which make it an attractive alternative, including:

  • R32 reduces charging volume by 30% compared to R410A

  • R32 has higher efficiency (10% compared to R410A) => Higher COP and EER

  • R32 delivers better performance at extreme outdoor temperature

After successfully completed the first mass production of R32 pool heat pump on 8th June, 2018, PHNIX continues to actively drive the refrigerant change in the industry. Within two months, PHNIX has introduced more pool heat pump series including Boost series, Miracle series and Turbo Series.

Outstanding Features of PHNIX R32 Pool Heat Pump

High COP By adopting R32 refrigerant and circulating heating method, PHNIX R32 series swimming pool heat pump is capable of operating in high COP and at the same time use less R32 refrigerant.

Low Noise Operation All PHNIX R32 series swimming pool heat pumps are designed with truly low noise operation technology that can reduce sound level to a great extent to build a super quiet environment for your leisure swimming.

Emerson Driver Board PHNIX R32 series swimming pool heat pump adopts Emerson driver board which with mature integration solution and wire controller makes inverter technology more stable and reliable.

Safe, Healthy and Environmental protection PHNIX R32 series swimming pool heat pump achieves CE mark approval which is mandatory in the European Economic Area for its safety, health, and environmental protection.

Soft Starter PHNIX R32 series swimming pool heat pump achieves completely soft switching at the startup stage, while the normal ON/OFF heat pumps start in a current intensity over 3 times higher, which will greatly impact the family electricity system.

WiFi Smart APP Control PHNIX is the first heat pump supplier in China who provides smart app control

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