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PHNIX Displays a Comprehensive Range of Residential Heat Pump Water Heater at Sydney ARBS 2018

Sydney, Australia, May 9, 2018 –PHNIX, a leading OEM manufacturer providing heat pump solution for hot water, house heating&cooling as well as pool heating in both residential and commercial occasions and has been ranking the first for more than ten year in a row in heat pump product exportation among Chinese manufactures, displayed a complete range of residential heat pump water heaters at ARBS 2018 between May 8-10. ARBS is Australia’s only international trade exhibition for the HVAC & R and Building Services industries.


The showcase of PHNIX’s complete range of residential heat pump water heater, particularly the All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heaters and Top-kit of Heat Pump Water Heaters makes a good impact on the exhibition and attracted tremendous volume of traffic in the stand. The All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heaters has been recognized by the industry and clients from different regions such as North America, Europe and South Africa with its flexible and practical design, cost effectiveness and fine details. Especially, the visitors show great interests in the integration of the optional intelligent operation modes built inside the smart control system. The mode enables the users to set different operation modes inside the controller according to their actual needs, which makes the unit become outstandingly energy saving and user friendly.、
“The ARBS exhibition provides us with a good platform to demonstrate the strength of our product and its perfect match to the Australia market. And this market is absolutely one of our main focus in 2018.” Said general manager in charge of the overseas business of PHNIX Residential Heat Pump Water Heater.
Top Features of Top-kit of Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Choose the local water tank based on your own needs Because of different water quality in different area, top-kits will be a great choice for you to choose your water tanks of different sizes or different materials in your local area based on your own needs.
  • Easy to connect the unit to your local water tank It’s easily to install our top-kits with your local water tanks by just connecting the fluorine coil through the lokrings directly.
  • Cost-effective design As it’s small size, the top-kits loading quantity will be 3 times more than the all-in-one units. Which would lower your freight greatly.
Top Features of All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Micro-channel heat coil Micro-channel heat coil greatly enlarges the available contact surface between inner water tank and heat coil thus enhance the performance of heat pump water heater. The COP of this kind of unit can reach to 3.7 based on EN16147.
  • Enamel water tank The enamel is brushed inside the water tank which is of high corrosion resistance and of great pressure bearing, because the enamel makes the welding line of the stainless panel separate with the water. That prolongs the working life for the unit.
  • Wi-Fi remote control system You can stay in touch with your water heater through your smart phone or with a web-connected device as PHNIX has developed the functional App, which can be compatible with IOS and Android system by just adding a simple Wi-Fi module to unit.
  • Tranquil flow technology The application of tranquil flow technology ensures stable water temperature, and the actual volume of hot water can be also increased by 30% or more.
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