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PHNIX HEAT PUMP Showcases in SPATEX 2016

Coventry, England - the famous European swimming pool exhibition SPATEX2016 opened in Coventry Ricoh arena today.Although local weather is cold in Coventry, but the Hall crowd such as weaving, looking very popular.The 3 - day inter-national  exhibition brings together the world's many renowned manufacturing enterprise of the swimming pool equipment and new energy researcher, and also attracted the eye of the global mainstream buyers.PHNIX, one of the largest interna-tional swimming pool heat pump manufacturers, is attending the exhibition.
In the UK show, PHNIX has a perfect display at the new development of many high-end swimming pool heat pump product lines. The PHNIX chief in charge of overseas pool marketing business, said to the reporter that the PHNIX swimming pool equipment on display with the main part of high-end product lines, such as inverter series, Pioneer series,classic series etc.The Swimming Pool Heat Pump is bestselling PHNIX product in regions out of China, and PHNIX supplies a wide range of products to meet the diverse demands of major purchasers around the globe. For example, the inverter swimming pool heat pump achieves its COP of 6.43 in temperatures ranging from 12℃ - 15℃. In addition, the swimming pool heat pump can, based on a user's individual demand, be used with PHNIX's swimming pool dehumidifier heat pump in order to achieve consistent outdoor and indoor swimming pool temperatures and humidity. 
Some industry sources believe that in Europe, the EXPO exhibitors dominated by North American and European suppliers, and exhibitors from China are represented by PHNIX, and , as one of the world's dominant swimming pool heating equipment manufacturer, PHNIX’s on display at the pool heating + dehumidifying integrated application solutions with a great cost-effective advantages. Some new and old customers site with the intention of purchasing deals, and all prototypes of this exhibition were snapped up by the European customers.
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