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PHNIX Initiator Series Commercial Inverter Pool Heat Pump Emerging for Large Market Opportunities

Guangzhou, China, 12th April, 2018- Another full inverter heat pump product, PHNIX Initiator Series commercial pool heat pump, built with a proven patent inverter technology launched recently to address large market opportunities.


Catering to a greener and more efficient lifestyle that the world citizens are demanding to in this modern time, a pool heater that suits to commercial occasion, such as school, holiday resort, hotel, aquatic parks, luxury entertain park becomes a necessity. A pool heat pump come along with advanced Inverter technology, featured with high efficiency and smart centralized control system which can bring to the owner greater energy savings and easier bill management has timely emerged.


“The advent of PHNIX Initiator Series inverter pool heat pump quickly responds to the call of the time.” said senior global sales manager of PHNIX overseas department , Howard Zhang. “A few cooperative partners have shown great interest to Initiator Series inverter pool heat pump and expressed that the product conform perfectly to their market requirements.” He added.

PHNIX Initiator Series adopts full inverter technology on commercial pool heat pump. It allows the heat pump to reach high COP of 16 at Air 27℃/Water 26℃/Humid. 80%. With variable running speed basing on actual heating or cooling requirements, the series helps to save big running cost for commercial occasions including aqua park, hotels, gyms and so on.

Outstanding Features of PHNIX Initiator Series Inverter Pool Heat Pump
  • Smart App Control 

Have you ever imagine you can control heat pumps on your smart phone? PHNIX Smart App technology is now welcomed on the market. If you have several units, you don't have to go to the machine room to check or control them from now on. All information about the heat pump is just at your fingertips.

  • Colorful Touch Screen

Unlike normal inverter pool heater, PHNIX Inverter has a high-end controller with 5-inch colorful touch screen. Temperature and power consumption curve makes users always be clear of the energy use.

Meanwhile, PHNIX powerful PCB enables the controller adjust your pool water temperature value as precise as 0.1oC. 

  • Centralized Control

PHNIX Initiator Series comes equipped with centralized control that makes temperature adjustment and failure review much easier and more practical.

By incorporating the master-slave control into the design, the whole units can work together with higher efficiency without interfered by any failure of the slave unit during operation.

  • Low Running Cost

When the target pool temperature is reached, the Initiator Series runs with low speed to keep constant temperature. As a consequence, a lot of energy can be saved and thanks to its high COP, it greatly lowers the electricity bills in the long run. 

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