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PHNIX to Debut on 5 World Leading Exhibitions with New Heat Pumps in the Coming Months


GUANGZHOU,Aug. 8, 2017 - In the coming three months PHNIX will participate in five world leading exhibitions so as to be an ongoing driving force behind the business partners in the path of market development. These international exhibitions include MCE Asia, PISCINA & WELLNESS BARCELONA, IRAN HVAC & R, International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, The Big 5 Dubai and in the events PHNIX will showcase new multi-series heat pump products, latest technologies and solutions, according to Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX overseas business.

(The picture shows PHNIX on ISH.)

PHNIX’s active involvement in the exhibitions worldwide indicates its marketing concept and keen attention to the emerging markets in those responding region.
This year, PHNIX’s strategy for the growth of regional market and introduction of some key products line of pool heat pump, house heating and heat pump water heater has been greatly adjusted. PHNIX is taking large-scale strategic action in developing Southeast Asia and the Middle East market and, PHNIX’s active performance in MCE / IRAN HAVC / THE BIG5 can see its great attention on the emerging markets. Some latest PHNIX heat pumps, including inverter pool heat pumps, high-end water fan coil and other key water heaters will debut on those expos.
Next month in Singapore, PHNIX will appear in MCE Asia which is a game-changing business platform for “cooling”, “energy”, “water” and “heating” solutions, and it is the region’s leading trade exhibition for energy-efficient solutions in HVAC-R, plumbing technology, sanitary accessories, and solar energy that powers industrial plants, commercial and residential buildings. At the MCE Asia show PHNIX HeatSpring series of heat pump water heaters and the water fan coils series will be unveiled. This series of water heaters are specially designed to satisfy the residential demand. PHNIX HeatSpring water heaters can produce outlet water constantly in a temperature as high as 60℃ by circulating heating, while most of the domestic water heaters in the local market can achieve only 55℃. The 60℃ high outlet temperature increase hot water volume supply by 30%. Moreover, PHNIX Heat Spring is featured with some advantages including “automatic heating”, “eco-friendly application” with which users can enjoy a trouble-free and pleasant shower.

(The picture shows a business talk at PHNIX stand on ISH.)

In the following exhibitions, including PISCINA & WELLNESS BARCELONA, IRAN HVAC & R, International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, The Big 5 Dubai, PHNIX will also show new heat pump products. In Barcelona and Orlando exhibition, PHNIX most anticipated focus of interest is undoubtedly its inverter pool heat pumps. According to some senior product managers from PHNIX R&D center, PHNIX inverter pool heat pumps provided with full DC inverter technology and smart APP remote control, can reach a COP as high as 20.04 at Air 27℃/ Humidity 80%, which is certified under TUV Rheinland.


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