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PHNIX with Full-Inverter Pool Heat Pumps Makes a Stunning Appearance at Pool Spa Patio Expo 2019

2019.11.15NEW ORLEANS, USA

NEWORLEANS, USA, November 15, 2019-- On the past Thursday, Pool Spa Patio Expo 2019 receives its perfect closing in New Orleans. PHNIX, a leading air source heat pump manufacturer, takes an important part at the expo with 3 kinds of top pool heat pumps and advanced full-inverter technology, catches lots of visitors’ eyes.

At the expo, PHNIX displays two kinds of full-inverter products and one kind of On/Off product, in which the high-end R410A-inverter-Turbo Series with its outstanding appearance and superior performance grabs a lot of attention. "Full-inverter technology simplifies the control and extends the service life without lowing the performance, thus full-inverter heat pump has always been the focus of PHNIX," explained by Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of global overseas business.

Another full-inverter product, PHNIX Full-Inverter North America Series heat pump is also worth attention. “It’s especially designed for the American market,” Peter said, “this time, in addition to consolidating existing partnerships, we had explored a large number of potential customers, further expanding our market around American regions.”

Sales manager Tyler Cai and Forrest Mo are are answering the questions and exchanging contacts with the client

About R410A-Inverter-Turbo Series--

Excellent Heating Capacity Turbo Series include various models of different heat capacity, which are capable of heating the swimming pool from an area of 42m3-136m3. A joyful swimming should not be wait. Thanks to the full-inverter technology, Turbo Series heat faster and maintain the temperature more steadily.

Soft Starter Different from On/Off heat pumps, Turbo Seriesis harmless to the circuit at the startup stage because of its inverter motor and inverter fan. There is no need to worry about other electrical appliances when turn on the heat pump.

Simpleand Convenient Control Two choices of control modes are available, users can regulate the unit by Wi-Fi or 4G anytime and almost anywhere.

About Full-Inverter North America Series --

A More Reasonable Size North America Series is smaller in size than common heat pumps in the American market, satisfying people whose heating demand is relatively low.

Double US Certifications ETL&AHRI certifications prove it a reliable series with high performance and safe level.

Safer Operation Its GFCI earth leakage protection system isthe pioneer of the pool heat pump industry, which can control the earth leakage to as low as 2.0mAh, adding one more production to users.

About Full-Inverter Technology--

Traditional methods of heating and cooling regulation use single-speed compressors switch on and off periodically, while full-inverter heat pump adjusts itself to different heating demands and climatic conditions by regulating the performance of compressor and fan.

Compared to thetraditional On/Off heat pump, full-inverter technology heat pumps feature power saving, low noise, high efficiency, wide operating range, a longer servicelife, etc.

About PSP Expo--

Organized once ayear, Pool Spa Patio Expo is one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of swimming pools, spas and back gardens in the world. Every year, the exhibition area of PSP Expo is more than 100,000 sq. ft.,attracting more than 400 exhibitors and 10000 visitors from70 countries.

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