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PHNIX Advantage


PHNIX has made a number of breakthroughs in the heat pump industry in recent years, including its latest product series—the PHNIX Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump. This product increases energy efficiency by more than 70% and delivers a COP of up to 6.85 in ambient temperature of 12℃~15℃. Another innovative product, the PHNIX Room Heating Heat Pump, uses 180° sinusoidal wave frequency conversion control, achieving a seasonal energy efficiency grade of A++ in accordance with the European Standard EN14825.

PHNIX Swimming Pool Heat Pumps and Room Heating Heat Pumps are sophisticatedly designed with precise timing and temperature controls. For your convenience, each can be controlled remotely through your smart phone.

Top-of-the-line high-temperature technology is always one of the advantages of PHNIX products. PHNIX's house heating&cooling  heat pump technologies lead the heating and cooling industry. The Polaris Heat Pump unit, utilizing its high-temperature tech, operates in ambient temperature of -25℃, supplies hot water of up to 65℃, and achieves a COP of up to 4.2. Meanwhile, our High Temperature Water Heat Pump can supply hot water up to of 85℃ and has been implemented in several industrial fields in order to cut energy use and energy costs.

PHNIX focuses on technological research and development, employing a R&D team of more than 100 people. PHNIX also values technical communications and collaboration with world famous enterprises. The company currently is a strategic partner of CAREL and EMERSON.

Quality Control

PHNIX values product quality control especially in its hardware and software devices, which account for about 8% of the company's sales revenue.

To follow through on this commitment to quality, PHNIX has built the world's leading energy-saving integrated performance laboratory for air-to-water heat pumps. The laboratory received approval from Intertek and SGS and can conduct third-party testing certification independently at the facility.

This laboratory can control testing environment conditions (for instance, DB: -30℃-53℃, relative humidity: 30%-95%); measure testing heat pumps’ refrigerating capacity, power consumption, electricity specifications and other technical data; sample and analyze different parts’ working temperature, electrical properties and electrical specifications. The equipment at the PHNIX laboratory is controlled by either an automated controller or a human interface controller. In addition, the computer can sample, analyze and archive the test results, then output the testing report in English, and finally analyze the testing data.

PHNIX’s integrated performance laboratory can meet product testing standard EN14511 and EN14825 of the European and American areas. What’s more, PHNIX’s test types include UV, salt spray, RoHS, heat exchanger efficiency, constant temperature and humidity, pressure, temperature and other high level tests.

In the aspect of quality control, PHNIX values communication and collaboration with the international quality certification bodies, including Intertek, SGS, and other institutions.

  • Salt Spray Test Box
  • Salt Spray Test Box

Automatic & Safety Production

From 2005, PHNIX has started transforming the structure of the factory and focused on building automatic intelligence technology into the production process. Up to now, the production process has involved multiple automatic production devices including Copper Pipe Cutter, Pipe Bender Robot, Automated Vacuum Circulatory System, Robotic Palletization and Packaging and AGV and so on.

Over 30 percent of automatic production devices are put into use in PHNIX manufacturing process. The widely adoption of automation production, with unmanned manufacturing, smart quality control system have changed the way heat pump are traditionally manufactured.

Meanwhile, PHNIX focus strongly on safety production. All of the operation of the production equipment are qualified with Safety Operation Certificate offered by Work Safety Supervision Bureau, such as lift operation license, forklift operation license. Workers have obtained related professional license and safety production certificates. What’s more, PHNIX pay great attention to the exaltation of employee's character in the meantime, built up periodically training system for domain knowledge and safety operation knowledge.

- About PHNIX Automatic Production


The 4-way valves areautomatically welded in PHNIX factory. The copper pipes of 4-way valves areaccurately processed by digital Copper Pipe Cutter and Pipe Bender Robot. Inmass production, PHNIX’s automated welding efficiency is at least 60 percenthigher than the average manufacturers.


Automation innovations extend from manufacturing to assembling. An AGV transports materials, improving line production to at least a 50 percent higher efficiency than manufacturers transporting materials manually.


Generally, heat pump manufacturers use a "point-to-point" artificial vacuum testing system and can produce 60 heat pump units per day. However, PHNIX has brought in automated vacuum circulatory system. With this system, PHNIX can produce up to 270 heat pump units a day.


With a traditional"mixed line inspection" a production line only assembles 80 heatpumps a day. However, the advanced PHNIX "first in, first out"digital inspection system can inspect 200 heat pump units a day.


Robotic palletizationand packaging increases PHNIX’s production efficiency by nearly 100 percentcompared to other manufacturers who package units manually. Efficiency andquality aside, the rhythmic movements of the production line robots add anenjoyable, artistic element to the work environment.