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Corporate Social Responsibility

Unbelievable and magnificent feat

- break through charged route for electric vehicle from North to South in China.

In May 2014, PHNIX founder Mr. Andrew YiZong launched a big charity activity called "break through charged route for electric vehicle from North to South in China". The activity has important impact on construction and development of charging pile for electric vehicle in China. Then Mr. Andrew YiZong established another charity activity called "Net Van", realizing the strong collision between advanced ideas of Internet and thoughts of traditional enterprises. It can help traditional enterprises transform, upgrade and become Internet-enabled.

A trip around the world

- 80edays

In June 2016, an activity called "80edays" was launched by Mr. Rafael, Spanish, the first person who drove electric vehicle to travel all over the world, and Mr. Andrew YiZong, Chinese, founder of PHNIX, participated in the activity as the Chinese team captain. The activity evolved 12 teams, totally 24 drivers from 9 countries, driving electric vehicles and passing 18 countries in 80 days. It shows the pursue of PHNIX for energy saving and environment protection,contributing to a better and more wonderful world for our descendant.

Net Van

Under the background of the coming era of Internet, an charity activity called "Net Van" was launched jointly by Mr. Andrew YiZong, founder of PHNIX and Mr.chen Yu, founder of YEEPAY. The goal of the activity is to offer instructions to traditional enterprises about how to become Internet-enabled. It has the mission to record the process of development of internet-enabled industry in China. The activity is aimed at creating industry and economy atmosphere for high-tech  innovation, and promoting development of Internet-enabled industry in China. So far, Net Van has a route covering South-east, South-west, North-west, North-east and Central Plains. They have covered a distance of up to 30,000 kilometers, launched 30 times of big charity speeches and made 10 industry documentaries.

Cool Monkey kindergarten

As an employees benefit, a kindergarten was established in the office building. The kindergarten is called Cool Monkey. Cool Monkey owns an impending and temperature constant swimming pool, and offers special lessons for swimming, financial quotient, wrestling, handcraft and so on. Its advanced international idea for preschool education has caught attentions from all sectors of society. The kindergarten was reported by CCTV12, Guangzhou Daily, Nansha New District Newspaper, new media Luogic Show, YIXI, Hupan University, Wu Xiaobo Channel and other medias. The No Boundary Education Forum attracts a lot of men of insight from different fields to join it to give advice for the future of Chinese Primary Education.