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Corporate Culture

Comfortable Working Enviroment

PHNIX office building are provided with cool air in hot summer and floor heating in cold winter. So the staff can enjoy comfortable temperature all around the year.

PHNIX stylized graffiti culture is one of it biggest light spots. With the heart pumping awesome graffiti art coming into sight everywhere, your thought will be enlightened, your spirit will kept young and your mood will be as colorful the graffiti on the wall.

Thoughtful Security in Every Aspect

PHNIX has a modernized remuneration system which value the staff ability and set up his/her pay grade through mutual and deep communication and professional analysts. Employees will be secured by a comprehensive social welfare system under the supervised of the local labor bureau.

Thoughtful Security in Every Aspect

A special designed and comfortable canteen with delicious and various food across China opens every day and PHNIX staff can receive a considerable subsidy with which the staff can enjoy meals almost for free.

What’s more, the staff are provided with comfortable employee dormitory. So that they will have less troubles searching for safe and nice place to stay which is close to their workplace.

Colorful Activities for Employees

PHNIX believe that workers who have fun at work are happier and more productive. Not just a fun environment that PHNIX has built for her staff, PHNIX hold various activities oftenly to encourage communication and lighten the worker’s spirit and maintain their mental health.