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80edays PHNIX Representing Team China, 11 International EV Teams Rally Around the World

BARCELONA, Spain - Representing Team China, PHNIX will drive around the world with other 10 international electric vehicle(EV) teams together in 80edays, which PHNIX is as a co-organizer and only representative from China.

It’s reported, Andrew Yi Zong, the PHNIX CEO was driving a Chinese-made electric car (DENZA) in Barcelona to represent China, gaining fame for setting up EV free charging stations across the country. “I hope this tour will serve as an evidence that the vision to replace traditional vehicles with new energy vehicles is entirely achievable.” Andrew Yi Zong said.

images/98w.jpg Get started at the Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

Also in attendance as the 80edays ambassador’s team was a legend of EV movement, Rafael de Mestre representing Team Spain, joined by Alan Soule representing Team USA and Markus Doesseger of Team Switzerland. The ambassadors traveled to China to support Team China and successfully partake in a variety of activities advocating the 80edays project, which caused a resonance among the local citizens who are looking forward to seeing all the participants to arrive in Guangzhou on July 12th.

Yesterday morning the 11 international EV teams kicked off from Barcelona, passing by Madrid to next stop, Lisbon in Portugal. It is believed that the 80edays 2016 is the history-making endurance test for the EV technology and the drivers. 11 international teams – 80edays ambassadors will rally for supremacy across 25,000 km, 20 countries, and 3 continents to finish in Barcelona in 80 days or less.

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