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A Leading Pool Heat Pump OEM/ODM Suppliers in China
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PHNIX heat pumps can be directly controlled through PHNIX Cloud Service, which means once your heat pump gets connected to the Internet, it is connected to you.
Need a swim later? One touch on your phone screen, the heat pump at home will start to run and prepare a comfortable pool for you.

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A Leading Heat Pump Supplier

Located in Guangzhou, China, GUANGDONG PHNIX ECO-ENERGY SOLUTIONS LTD. is a professional and innovative heat pump supplier in global market. Focusing on R&D, manufucturing and sales of swimming pool heat pumps, house heating heat pumps and hot water heat pumps, PHNIX products are widely welcomed all over the world.

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Several Series of PHNIX New Heat Pumps Are Worth the Wait


Designed to operate in air temperature as low as -19oC, the COP of PHNIX EVI swimming pool heat pump reaches over 2.0, which realizes great energy-saving effect for the users. In the meantime, this series of pool heat pumps allow people to use as a spa he

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Opportunities and Challenges During the USA Leg of the 80edays Around-the-World EV Challenge


We’ve just completed the drive across the USA as part of the 80edays Around-the-World EV Challenge. As the Team China pilot, I have had a memorable time on this journey so far, which has presented us with both opportunities and enormous challenges.

PHNIX Conducted Heat Pump Technical Training in Israel

PHNIX Conducted Heat Pump Technical Training in Israel


JERUSALEM, Israel - PHNIX is set to conduct annual technical-training and customer-visiting for its new series of products from late June 2016 in Jerusalem, Israel...