• PHNIX Showcases 1 Transparent Prototype and the Remote Control Method at Orlando Expo 2014

    As 2014 Int'l Pool Spa Patio Expo at Orlando is approaching, PHNIX Eco-Energy Solution Ltd, focusing on the energy saving & environment protection cause, is busy preparing essential exhibits for the expo.
  • PHNIX Newly Designed Heat Pump Water Heaters Win Great Attention at 2014 Italy MCE

    2014 Italy MCE is held from 18th to 21st, March, receiving visitors from all over the world. PHNIX brings its newly designed Heat Pump Water Heaters...
  • PHNIX Provides Three Surprises at the MCE Exhibition

    As one of the world's biggest heat pump manufacturer, PHNIX group is striking a pose on 2014 Italy MCE exhibition...
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    Air Source Heat Pump Application

    In HVAC applications, a electronic heat pump is typically a vapor-compression refrigeration device ...

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    The key to PHNIX's continued growth and success is the total...