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PHNIX Inverter Pool Heat Pump Applied in the Pool of PHNIX Headquarter


Guangzhou, China - PHNIX Inverter Pool Heat Pump, with COP of as high as 20.43, has been put into use in pool of PHNIX headquarter in Guangzhou. The pool is built for the children in PHNIX kindergarden. Last month, the pool in PHNIX headquarter in Guangzhou, China has completed the construction and water heating system. PHNIX new-launched Vertical Series Inverter Pool Heat Pump is applied to the pool for heating. The inverter pool heat pump of plastic casing, has a 5-inch touch screen to show the running status. Users can use it to set the target temperature and check energy consumption curve. The heat pump also has the smart app control function. You can download the app in your phone or tablet to control the heat pump at any place and time. 
With the efficient running of the heat pump, yesterday, the pool temperature had reached 30oC. Children in the kindergarden start to have their swimming class in the pool today. The inverter pool heat pump brings comfortable swimming to the children. And they are enjoying themselves in the swimming at this winter in Guangzhou. Their teachers can now teach them how to swimming in a real pool. 


PHNIX, a leading heat pump supplier in China, is the first heat pump manufacturer in China who built a real pool in the factory and used their own heat pumps to heat the pool and the office building as well. 


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