KK Air to Water Heat Pump

PHNIX Air to Water Heat Pump KK Series can keep your home temperature constant with their steady running performance. With excellent efficiency, the units can also bring you a warmer house with lower installation cost and less space requirements.

Patented Efficient Heat Exchanger

The patented high efficiency heat exchangers have a strong counter current design, and are helpful for refrigerant super-cooling. Because the interspace between the shell and tubes is small, this leads to a larger flow, which makes oil return easy. Additionally, the large tube diameter prevents tubes from deposits and blocking.

air to water heat pump exchanger

Temperature Compensation Technology

Automatic compensation technology can adjust water temperature according to the ambient temperature, which means you always feel comfortable, whether in winter or summer.

air to water heat pump technology

Compressor Interchange Control Logic

Compressor interchange control logic ensures only the energy required is delivered to the terminals with up to three compressors on or off, which provides you both comfortable temperatures and a longer service life of the units, while consuming less energy.

air to water heat pump control logic

Anti-freeze Protection

The capacity control function ensures the units adjust the actual output capacity according to the real demand required from the terminals to make comfortable temperature for your room.

air to water heat pump principle

Core Strength

air to water heat pump strength

The world famous EEV (electronic expansion valve) is critical to PID control the volume of the refrigerant accurately and reduces energy consumption.

air to water heat pump EEV

The compressors can be on or off according to the actual energy need. So the units are reliable and easy to control.

air to water heat pump exchangers

Air exchangers (fins-coil) with hydrophilic coating are strongly anti-corrosive and perform at high efficiency.


With strong countercurrent design, the patented C&S heat exchanger is conducive to improving the efficiency and reliability of the unit.

air to water heat pump exchangers

The builtin water pumps of the units could reduce your installation cost.

air to water heat pump controller

A CAREL or PHNIX self-developed controller, with a simple and friendly interface, is easy to operate and also easy to install.


air to water heat pump parameters


air to water heat pump solution


KK Series+Heat Pump Water Heater According to different weather and users’ habits, PHNIX specially designs the integrated solution above to satisfy heating, cooling, domestic hot water and floor heating for the residential and commercial places. This solution is very suitable for villas, houses, offices, workshops, supermarkets, schools and so on.

air to water heat pump application


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    PHNIX Air to Water Heat Pump KK Series