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PHNIX Unleashes the Upgraded Inverter Heat Pump in Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in Orlando


Orlando, FL, USA, 2nd November, 2017—From 1st to 3rd, November, with the theme of  “Stay abreast of trends, market directions and cutting-edge technology”, the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo is hosted in Orlando, FL, USA at the Orange County Convention Center with a bang. PHNIX has always acted as the change maker and China’s new technology impeller in pool heat pump manufacturing shows up in the expo.

(The picture shows PHNIX on Pool | Spa | Patio Expo)

With the increasing awareness of environment protection among people in all over the world and the unceasing advancement of heat pump technology, coupled with the urge for energy efficiency in pool heating, the inverter heat pump becomes the new favorite of the day. PHNIX is well known in China’s heat pump manufacturing industry and has been unremittingly conducting study and research in new heat pump technology. Since the establishment of the enterprise in 2002, it has successfully developed and put into production the inverter pool heat pump leading the China’s pool heat pump manufacturing industry as its initiator. Moreover, in all these years, its technical team has grown bigger and stronger, incessantly bringing forward revolutions and upgrading of the inverter technology.
It is reported, PHNIX multiple inverter series of pool heat pump product has been receiving great attention in the show. Especially the Turbo Series swimming pool heat pump, with distinctive vertical design, fits well with the demand of North American users. Its full DC inverter technology enables the heat pump to adjust its strength from 10% to 90% according to the environmentally requirements and 20.04 high COP at Air 27oC/ Water 26oC/ Humidity 80%, which meets the trend of the current booming awareness of energy efficiency. What’s more, its Smart App Remote Control function becomes the spotlight and triggers the curiosity of the visitors for the unimaginable convenience that it can bring to the users.
Edward Zheng, Senior sales manager in charge of North America, spoke highly of the great affect and feedback received from the expo. “The numerous networking with the current cooperative partners and new potential buyers has proved the recognition and trust of our pool heat pump product thus on the capability of PHNIX.”

(The picture shows visitors consulting about PHNIX products)

About PHNIX Turbo Series Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Full DC Inverter Technology
Faster response to variable heating and cooling loads.
Significantly reduced running costs (up to 50% saving) compared to non-inverter systems.
Improved comfort as set-point temperatures are achieved more quickly.
Improved maintenance of design conditions with less temperature fluctuation.
Eliminates voltage peaks from compressor.
Smart App Remote Control
With the Smart APP on phone with internet connection, users can easily control their heat pump from anywhere at any time. Users can choose a mode from heating, cooling or auto to make your pool well prepared before they are home. Set a smart operating schedule and check the temperature report for the recorded temperatures, working conditions and more.
Less Installation Space
With the innovative vertical exhaust design, Turbo Series can be installed next to any pool in tight space.
28dB(A) Low Noise at 10m Distance
PHNIX Turbo Series Pool Heat Pump is specially designed with a silence mode to create a comfortable living environment at night for users. Under silence mode, the heat pump is running at 28dB(A) low noise.


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