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Breakthrough in the Development of Special Heat Pump in PHNIX

According to recent news from Guangzhou, PHNIX made a major breakthrough in the development of a special heat pump. With outlet water temperature of 0℃ or 85℃, special heat pump meets the requirements of some special fields and thus will be applied to the industries such as food processing, dairy product, beer, agriculture, petrochemical complex, etc.
 With good system compatibility, high efficiency and excellent system stability, the special heat pump which is developed by PHNIX could produce large amount of hot water and also produce hot water of 30℃~85℃ in any severe environments. Recovery and utilization of low-grade heat which is achieved by the use of EVI compressor makes the special heat pump more energy efficient.
(Picture: The multifunctional heat pump-Uranus of PHNIX.)
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