Heat Pump Knowledge

Comparison in Different Kinds of Water Heaters

Gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heaters are now the most widely used units for domestic hot water. They all have advantages in providing hot water. Meanwhile, there are still much problems when the units are put into the actual applications.
Gas water heaters are with the merits such as simple structure,  small space occupation, and low running cost and their defects are  low heat efficiency, and could produce toxic gases due to incomplete burning. The electric water heaters are also with simple structure and easy operation while high energy cosumption and electric shock are the major problems for them. The solar water heaters have the advantages of low running cost, low energy comsumption and with the features of eco-friendly. The major weaknesses of them are  high initial investment and they rely heavily on the weather.
In China, the application of air source heat pumps for domestic hot water has just started. With its safety, high efficiency, long service life and nonpoisonous feature, the air source heat pumps can easily solve the problems of energy consumption, environment protection etc. and attract much attention from the public.
Operation costs of the air source heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters is the lowest. It's just 25% of the electric water heaters, 40% of the gas water heaters and the oil water heaters.
The initial investment of the air source heat pump water heaters is the same as the solar water heaters and it's more expensive than that of the oil water heaters, but it's really a bargin when you consider all the charges together. The oil water heaters need a equipment room special for it, at the same time the heat pumps just simple units which will not hold much space and can be put anywhere you want. Pollution discharge fee may be account for a high proportion for the oil water heaters at some place and also the oil storage tanks and the oil transporting pipes always is a significant charge for the whole system. The service life of the air source heat pump water heaters is 3~5 years longer than that of the others. Thus air source heat pump water heaters are best choice for you and your family.
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