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PHNIX HeatGreen Commercial Air to Water Heat Pump: What Should You Install for Your Business?

Date: 2024-04-01 11:49:50 Hits: 352

Guangzhou, 29 March 2024 - As we know, government policies and regulations are driving a rising interest in commercial heat pump technology for both hot water generation and heating/cooling purposes. This surge in interest regarding commercial air source heat pumps is sparking high expectation from gas installers, consultants, large-scale commercial users, and the general public. However, a properly designed commercial heat pump can fulfill all the expectations of people.

PHNIX HeatGreen Series is an innovative air source heat pump designed specifically for large-scale commercial projects. This advanced system offers high efficiency and energy savings, catering to heating, cooling, and hot water needs simultaneously. In today's environmentally conscious world, HeatGreen stands out as a popular choice, capable of integrating seamlessly with photovoltaic systems to promote eco-friendly practices in business operations.

Why Consider HeatGreen?

For businesses seeking adaptability and efficiency in their heating solutions, HeatGreen presents a compelling case. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with various systems such as underfloor heating, water fan coils, radiators, and gas boilers offers customers a wide range of options. Moreover, the centralized control system's capability to manage up to 16 units with only one central display concurrently ensures coordinated operation.

What Sets HeatGreen Apart?

HeatGreen's focus on efficiency and reliability is evident through its cutting-edge technologies. With automatic frequency control technology, it optimizes load control for each unit, achieving energy savings of over 20% for projects. Additionally, the Inverter EVI heating technology enables HeatGreen to deliver consistent heating and hot water supply even in extreme cold climates.

How Does HeatGreen Fit Your Needs?

Whether it's for large or small-scale commercial projects, HeatGreen caters to all heating, cooling, and hot water requirements. Its outstanding features include a water outlet temperature of up to 73掳C, meeting the majority of hot water demands, and an operating temperature range from -25掳C to 43掳C, making it resilient to harsh weather conditions.

HeatGreen is not just a heat pump; it's the perfect companion for businesses looking to optimize their operations and embrace sustainable energy solutions.