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Four Series of PHNIX Pool Heap Pumps are Unveiled in SPLASH!

BRISBANE, Australia -SPLASH!, Australia’s largest pool & spa trade show opened yesterday in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center on local time. Four key series of PHNIX pool heat pumps appeared on SPLASH! caught many visitors’ eyes.

According to the PHNIX senior executive who attended the expo in Brisbane, this time PHNIX main exhibiting products are including pool heat pump inverter series, pool heat pump comfort series, pool heat pump innovator series, and heat pump dehumidifier. Among all series showed on SPLASH!, unanimously, PHNIX inverter pool heat pumps are the biggest highlight.
The picture shows PHNIX popularity of the exhibition on site.

According to PHNIX senior product engineer at Brisbane expo on site, PHNIX inverter technology allows swimming pool heat pumps to reach an extreme high coefficient of performance (COP) compared with common units in the markets. Its heating time is also much shorter and therefore saves time and energy. Unlike normal inverter pool heater, PHNIX inverter has a high-end controller with a 5-inch color touch screen on which the temperature and power consumption levels are always clearly displayed. However, besides a cool appearance of PHNIX inverter pool heat pump, the new smart control system is more appealing with sliding defrosting(control defrosting more accurately and efficiently) and remote updating. Through this two-day exhibition event, almost all of Australian big hitters of pool heat pump industry visited PHNIX exhibition stand and indicated great interest in the pool heat pump inverter series.


It’s reported that SPLASH is Australia’s largest pool & spa trade show, and dates for the 9th SPLASH show will be 17-18 August 2016 with an estimated 120 exhibitors. In addition, SPLASH 2016 will have a special focus via an International Swim Disability Conference for swim schools and teachers and a display of swim disability equipment to learn and improve, according to SPLASH Expo’s social media.

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