Heat Pump Knowledge

Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal heat pumps are gained wide acceptance from the market. As they absorb heat from the storage energy in the earth, then transfer to the building for heating and hot water in winter. In contrary, the units transfer the heat back to the earth in summer to cool down the building’s temperature. So because of this, the units provide the comfortable temperature for you all year round.

The above description is the introduction for geothermal heat pumps, and what’re the features of them?

Stable heating

Because of using the circulation heating, people can use the radium pipes or geothermal pipes that ensure the stable heating for your houses.

Constant control

Sensors connect to mother board that can sensitive response and control the working situation.

Circulation heating

Circulation heating does the best to save energy.

Water and electricity isolation

It is very safe for your family, as you do not care about the electric shock.

Easy installation

When using radium or pipes, you can turn off with easy operation.

All of these predict geothermal heat pump will enjoy a great favor in the market.

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