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New PHNIX Heat Pump Experiment Center Fully Completed


GUANGZHOU, Aug. 23rd, 2017 - The expansion project of new PHNIX Heat Pump Experiment Center has been successfully completed. The project is aimed at adding tests for special heat pumps based on the original testing system of residential and commercial heat pumps.
The PHNIX new 8th Laboratory and 9th Laboratory (i.e. 5-25kW long-running laboratories) is the new member of PHNIX Experiment Center. The laboratories for the heat pump testing are with some of the original features, such as with creative water coil automatic temperature control, it uses the heat exchange side of testing unit for heat and cold energy balance. The spare cold (heat) energy will be compensated by chiller. Thus, water coil can efficiently control air temperature without any other air conditioning devices, according to Mrs. Ling Chang, the senior engineer from PHNIX Experimental Center.

(Picture showing the testing of large power heat pump unit)

Mrs. Ling Chang said, PHNIX Experimental Center is with a total area of 1,500 square meters and nine laboratories, including five standard laboratories, three finished-product laboratories and a noise laboratory. The five standard laboratories were built by China National Electrical Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. In recent years, PHNIX has further strengthened its research and development, and invested heavily in the establishment of two comprehensive performance laboratories in integrated standard of Europe, North America and China. At the same time, it has introduced the laboratory standards of the EU, North America and Australia. A number of laboratories have been recognized by many international certification institutes such as TUV, SGS, ITS, AHIR, UL. As one of the key Chinese heat pump enterprises, PHNIX finished the introduction of the European energy efficiency standards EN14511 and EN14825. Based on the EU energy efficiency standards, PHNIX successfully developed the according test software. PHNIX has finished a series of cooperation with the certification bodies to promote the European standard in the field of heat pump application.

(Picture showing a part of New PHNIX Heat Pump Experiment Center)

In reality, it has proved PHNIX’s a professional and wise move to establish a series of heat pump laboratories with high standards. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business, said in an interview, because of some advanced professional laboratories, PHNIX has successfully developed a number of important new heat pump products. For example, the series of pool heat pumps has been a hot item in European and American markets in recent years, house heating/cooling inverter heat pumps with high energy efficiency and high-end water fan coils benefit greatly from the inseparable supports from a variety of PHNIX professional laboratories.


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