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New PHNIX Heat Pumps become the Big Draw on the Dubai Big 5


DUBAI, Nov. 27, 2017 - "The Middle East is one of PHNIX's key emerging markets and, there is no doubt that we will launch more cost-effective heat pump water heater products to meet the needs of local mainstream customers." Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business, said in an interview to media at the live exhibition of the BIG FIVE in Dubai. At this exhibition PHNIX is exhibiting a series of new heat pump products this year, including the PHNIX Tropical Water Chiller series, Water Fan Coil series, HeatPlus series which are specially developed for the users in the Middle East and South Asia. It is reported that the world-renowned BIG FIVE will open on November 26 for a period of 4 days in Dubai.

(The pic shows the lively scene of PHNIX stand on the Big 5)

According to Mr. Jab Fan, division manager of PHNIX house heating heat pump, in the first two days of BIG FIVE exhibition, the majority of buyers attending the show are from the Middle East and South Asia including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Egypt, Oman, and so on. PHNIX shows up as the most popular exhibitor, in addition to some of the mainstream customers, a few new buyers take the initiative to visit PHNIX’s exhibition stand, expressing a strong willingness to cooperate with PHNIX. PHNIX HeatPlus series heat pump, developed specifically for the Middle East's climate and applications, has attracted many local buyers. Now entering into the winter in the Middle East, PHNIX HeatPlus heat pump water heater with a water temperature up to 55℃ is perfect for the home users in the Middle East, Mr. Jab Fan expressed.
It is reported that, besides displaying the two series of heat pump products, water chiller, HeatPlus, PHNIX Ultra-thin water fan coil also attracted great attention from many buyers. When combined with heat pump units, the fan coil units with low noise of 25dB(A), ultra-thin casing of 130mm and fashionable appearance, can meet different heating or cooling requirements, according to the PHNIX engineers attending the exhibition.
About PHNIX HeatPlus Series and Tropical Water Chiller
PHNIX HeatPlus Heat Pump is an energy-efficient, proven product that has had very successful applications in China and India. The series is capable of maintaining a 4.68 high COP during operation and has acquired the first class energy label, which means it can benefit to cut more than 15% running expenses annually for the users. Furthermore, HeatPlus Series is designed with advanced control logic especially for commercial application, which commits to a fast and stable hot water supply for users.
PHNIX Tropical Water Chiller is specially developed for the users in the Middle East. The series with T3 R134a compressor for higher efficiency, safety and reliability, is able to produce cold water quickly even when the ambient temperature is as high as 58℃ in the hot summer months in the Middle East.


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