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PHINX's Newly Released Pool Heat-Pump Products at the Expolazer & Wellness 2015 Fair Attracting Great Attention

At the recently concluded EXPOLAZER & WELLNESS 2015 fair in Brazil, PHNIX showcased several kind of newly released products that attracted great attention. 
This was a trade show specifically dedicated to swimming pools, spas, outdoor decors and the wellness industry. The fair included products from the wellness market to meet the demands of visitors looking for specific itemsrelating to massage, relaxation, fitness, spas and accessories. The fair attracted exhibitors and visitors from as far as Chile and Uruguay, which helps a lot to understand the market conditions of Brazil and even the whole of South America.
Brazil Market
Heat pump products imported into Brazil are charged tariffs of up to 50%. At the same time, local Brazilian manufacturing and technology has fallen behind. As a result, with their elegant industrial design, outstanding technics and high COP, PHNIX pool heat pump products exhibited are competitive in the local market and clients and distributors demonstrated interest to have the products become available in Brazil.
Product Certification
All heat pump products must have INMETRO Certification and this is a mandatory requirement. As a professional in heat pump technology for the past thirteen years, PHNIX ECOENERGY SOLUTIONS LTD. ( has already been working on the certification and sent out samples for local test. PHNIX pays great attention to the Brazil market and is prepared for longterm cooperation with local distributors. 
Cloud Control / Heat Pump Online
PHNIX products can be directly controlled through PHNIX Cloud Service, which means once the machine gets connected to the Internet, it is connected to the user. Need a swim later? One touch on the phone screen, the 
heater at home will start to run and prepare a comfortable pool for the user.
620-PHINX-Newly-Released-Pool Heat-Pump
Pool heat pumps are devices using electricity to transfer heat energy from air or water to the pool without pollution. Generally, they are environmentfriendly and can produce more than four units of heat energy with only one unit of electric energy input.
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