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PHNIX Adds Central Control System to Swimming Pool Heat Pump


GUANGZHOU, China, October 11, 2017---PHNIX, the largest manufacturer of swimming pool heat pump in China, has launched a new central control system that features integrated and ultimate management science.
PHNIX Central control system, also named as PoolNet, integrates the multiple setting functions of heat pump and the control of pool related equipment in one dedicated interface to provide a centralized and comprehensive management of pool equipment for users. The central control system allows for one-end control of the swimming pool to both facilitate the pool management and maximize the working efficiency of every unit of the swimming pool.


PoolNet has also been empowered with remote control technology which enables the users to control it through a smart APP on their smartphone, tablet or web-connected device. With the convenience it brings, PoolNet realize a remote management of every element of the swimming pool, momentary running condition monitoring and on time error analyzing. This feature further simplifies and upgrades the control system to meet the market trend and let the users to remotely control their swimming pool even on the go.
“PoolNet is working as our users’ personal butler who can directly fulfill their desire of distance controlling and achieve a truly anywhere, at any time, moving to control their swimming pool,” introduced by Peter Wang, deputy general manager in charge of PHNIX overseas business.
With the technology of central control, PoolNet can read and understand how every element of the equipment on the swimming pool feels like. For example, it knows well the running status of the swimming pool and even pictures it to the users through a graph , analyze the equipment condition and build up reports for the users basing on the historical data. Moreover, it can detect every change that happen on the swimming pool and always inform the users via a smart reminder. So the users will never bother to check by themselves the maintenance time of their swimming pool equipment, cleaning time, the water quality of their pool and they will always be clear in mind for data like PH value, water temp., oxygen level and chlorine level of the pool water.
PHNIX advocates the philosophy of “More for future, more for you”. The combination of the Central Control System and Swimming Pool Heat Pump aims at fulfilling its commitment and provide the users a solution with ultimate comfort and tremendous convenience to remotely control their swimming pool.


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