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PHNIX Central China Dealer’s Meeting was Successfully Completed Recently

PHNIX central China dealer’s meeting was held in Zhengzhou a few days ago. This meeting was attended by 160 dealers and engineering from Henan and Gansu Provinces respectively.
Zong Yi, PHNIX CEO, who attended this meeting made an excellent speech titled “Fiction Went Past, Science Spark Now”. Zong Yi insisted that PHNIX should be based on industry and develops with indigenous innovation as usual. During the meeting, Mr. Zong has discussed central China market features and applications in local market of PHNIX comprehensive energy saving solution with some important dealers.
On the assembly, Liu Yuanhui, the chief engineer of PHNIX has introduced the new plan after PHNIX product structural change based on national market features. He analyzed each series of products and their technical points, and had a detailed introduction on PHNIX special heat pump project. Zuo Xiangqian, general manager of PHNIX HEAT PUMP WATER HEATER products, and Du Zebo, CEO of Guangzhou PHNIX air-conditioning Ltd.,, had made report on heat pump water heater and ultra-thin water fan coil.
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