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PHNIX's CEO Andrew YI ZONG Starting an Enlightening Journey in America


Atlanta, USA, 21 November, 2017- Started on 6th November, PHNIX’s CEO Andrew YI ZONG, leading a delegation for academic exchanges and communication in the field of entrepreneurship and school education has finished the last stop of their journey. The delegation is comprised of a group of diverse influential entrepreneurs, experienced teachers and researchers who specialize in different science and theory of school education, representing different insight of entrepreneurship. The trip is more than simply an academic exchange, the group is coming with the common mission of finding out the myth that they have long been exploring for how to lead the kids to a happy childhood and successful life and the true essence of an ultimate and efficient entrepreneurial education.

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(The picture shows Andrew YI ZONG communicating in Babson College)

PHNIX’s CEO Andrew YI ZONG is not only known as the CEO of PHNIX, but also the founder and chairmen of AWHY Balance School. AWHY Balance School is an innovative primary school focusing on kids from 6 to 11 years old. The schools aims at reforming the traditional Chinese test-oriented education and build an exclusive education system that makes school education less like a factory processing future workers, rather, focusing on creating a generation of critical thinkers and creative learner. The school includes the deep insight recently suggested by Andrew YI ZONG that recasts secondary and post-secondary education called “Entrepreneurial School Approach ” which admirably has the students obtained independent thinking, practical skills and ability in creativity and innovation to match up with high school and college grads, meanwhile inspiring and protecting their natural eager for knowledge.
The delegation includes 11 representatives. Every individual involved is with great influence in China. For example, there is Edward Kwong, one of the main founders of Balance School and AWHY School. He contributes his life to education and started his teaching career early at his age of 13 and carried on since then. Moreover, he created his own teaching method and has put into practice in the school and proved to be remarkably efficient. There is Judy Zhang, she is the co-founder of Balance School and the head of natural history curriculum. Through persisting research and study, she developed her unique method to stimulate the children’s internal driving force of learning. Jolie Zeng, the partner of COO of Limitless Education, the Mini Entrepreneurial camp of HUNDUN University. Her life is a legend. She published almost ten million words of all kinds of articles and won multiple journalism awards. Also, she is the former public relations practitioner and risk manager for benchmarking enterprises in several strong and well known enterprise in China. The strong alliance and combination of the delegation has laid a firm foundation to stay on the journey.

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(The picture shows Andrew YI ZONG sharing his work “Fission Startup Mode”)

The first stop of the tour is at HGE School. HGE School is well known for the development of Montessori Method of education which is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. Andrew YI ZONG had deep talk and communication with the president of the school and agreed with their approach of education which values the human spirit and the development of the whole child physical, social, emotional, cognitive. The other important stop of the tour is at Babson College. Babson College is centrally focusing on entrepreneurship education, and it is often ranked the most prestigious entrepreneurship college in the United States. PHNIX’s CEO Andrew YI ZONG was the only Chinese invited to make a speech in the annual BEF of Babson College. He shared his entrepreneurship journey and his creative “Fission Startup Mode” in the speech. His speech left the audience with deep impression and was commented inspiring and rewarding for people in the field of education and who are ambitious to startup their business. Another stop of milestone is at Harvard University. Andrew YI ZONG made a speech for the international student and successful Chinese entrepreneur in US in the university, sharing his original thinking of “The Chinese Dream” and the plan of implementing a new and revolutionary education mode in China. The speech gained positive feedback from the audience and led them to devote into the research and study for the Chinese education reform with great hope.
The journey lasts for as long as half a month and the steps of the delegation totally cover 6 cities in America. With new ideas and valuable knowledge back from the journey, PHNIX is convinced to be more successful and bound to make more progress in the bright future.


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