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PHNIX Conducted Heat Pump Technical Training in Israel

JERUSALEM, Israel - PHNIX is set to conduct annual technical-training and customer-visiting for its new series of products from late June 2016 in Jerusalem, Israel.

It’s told that Peter Wang, PHNIX Deputy General Manager who’s charge of international business, specially led the team to conduct the annual technical-training and customer-visiting in Israel.

The picture shows the technical-training on-site.

Israel is a key market of PHNIX House Heating Heat Pumps in the Middle East region. PHNIX has close relationship with Israeli business partners, and has been in the Israeli heat pump markets for the past 10 years to distribute the whole series of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, House Heating Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Water Heaters. Furthermore, PHNIX has the co-brand cooperation method offered so as to facilitate the brand marketing with local partners in Israel, according to Peter Wang.

In this annual activity, PHNIX team gave priority to technical-training and introduction about PHNIX full DC Inverter Heat Pump technology. The full DC Inverter is featured with energy-saving and high COP of 4.8 even in low ambient temperature in winter. Besides, PHNIX full DC Inverter Heat Pump is featured with intelligent and easy control of the central air conditioning system and floor heating system to monitor the units no matter at anytime and anywhere via a mobile phone. Also, the system can be connected to up to 32 rooms, so it’s easy to control each room temperature conveniently, according to PHNIX senior electric engineer Falex Feng and senior product engineer Troy Wang at Jerusalem on-site.

The picture shows Peter Wang’s visiting sample project with Israeli Partner ORAN together.

PHNIX team worked in technical training, and had deep discussion with local contractors about the new design and application of PHNIX DC inverter heat pump. At the same time, the team visited Dan Tel Aviv Hotel and some other local sample projects of PHNIX High Temperature Heat Pump with ORAN, the business partner in Jerusalem.

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