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PHNIX Expanding with “Immense” Potential Together with Nansha District


GUANGZHOU, China, September 29, 2017,--PHNIX is located in China, Guangzhou’s Nansha district, a city once dubbed as “the Siberia” of Guangzhou. Now it has become a shining star of "One Belt One Road" initiative and planned to grow to be a world-class city in China.
Nansha district, as large as Singapore, located in the center of the Pearl River Delta which year by year was transformed into the export-oriented manufacturing hub of the world. In 2011, the national Five-Year Plan was issued, Nansha district was designated as a business service center for the Chinese mainland, linking it to the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions. Moreover, Nansha district was also planned to serve as a technological innovation center and an area for cooperation in services related to portside industries


PHNIX, always pride to be a trendy enterprise and an active technology-based innovative representative in heat pump industry in China, have gained great focus from the government of Nansha district.


“PHNIX attaches great importance in technology innovation and has obtained over 200 national patents covering heat pumps and heat pump technologies and rewarded ‘National High-tech Enterprise’. It is a model enterprise in Nansha district, leading the growth of our district with the spirit of advanced science and technology.” Mr. Zeng Jinze, mayor of Nansha district, expressed in an interview.
To further catch up with the expanding trend of the overall development of the district, especially the rocketing growth of some innovative enterprises, such as PHNIX, the government of Nansha district offer a set of preferential policy to the companies including lowering corporate tax rate and offering subsidy of national high-tech enterprise.
PHNIX, built the first factory and founded in Nansha district in 2002, has always called Nansha “home”. Now PHNIX has totally five factories and five sub companies in Nansha district. In all these years, PHNIX has witnessed its changes, grew hand with hand together with Nansha district and will continue to do the same to support and contribute to its development in the coming bright future.


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