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PHNIX Heat Pump Promotes Guangzhou International Spa Club

According to news from Guangzhou, Han Jing YinKuangWan Spa Club recently held a grand ceremony in which it announced the successful trial of PHNIX swimming pool sauna energy-efficient solution.
HanJing YinKuangWan Spa Club is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, next to Hanxi Changlong tourist resort area. The spa club got an investment of RMB 300 million.  And it’s a super club which set spa, business, leisure, sports, catering, health caring, shopping in one. Spa Club operates more than 70,000 square meters; the first phase is mainly about indoor spa, including 9 sauna spa pools with different sizes and different functions. The second phase is about outdoor children swimming-pool, adults’ swimming-pool and shallow playing pool.
It is reported that, this project all adopted PHNIX large spa sauna units. Using the sauna units with advanced heat pump technology, it was significantly more energy efficient than using the traditional ones (boiler plus plate heat exchanger). It can save more than 60% of operation cost.
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