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PHNIX Hot Air Printing Dryer Unveiled at Drupa 2016

DUSSELDORF, Germany, June 5, 2016  -- PHNIX, a leading manufacturer of printing dryers in China, appears at Drupa 2016 with a series of PHNIX Hot Air Printing Dryer.
The PHNIX Hot Air Printing Dryer is a typical product which has proven to be a comprehensive energy-saving solution specifically designed for flexible packaging. The hot air dryer adopts a unique heat reclaim technology, which effectively makes full use of the waste heat as part of its drying process. Compared with the traditional boiler and electric heater drying system, PHNIX Hot Air Printing Dryer can reduce users' energy costs by 70%.
620PHNIX Hot Air Printing Dryer Unveiled at Drupa 2016
The picture shows PHNIX Hot Air Printing Dryer on-site.
Intelligent central controller, as another highlight of PHNIX Hot Air Printing Dryer, is able to check and control the parameters of more than 12 units. Checking running parameters, adjusting air pressure, alarming failure and auto power off protection are easily realized for users thanks to this technology. In addition, the inlet air has to pass through double filter nets before entering the heating and drying circulation. Because of this, only clean air is used in the drying process so as to ensure high quality products.
PHNIX printing dryers have many installation and application sample projects in China, India and other countries in Southeast Asia.
"By debuting at the Drupa trade fair, PHNIX printing dryers take an important first step to seek for more access to high-end cooperation in Europe," said Will Yi, PHNIX senior executive who attended the fair.
It is reported that Drupa, the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world, kicks off a new strategic focus, improved scheduling over eleven days with a new look and greater frequency running every three years. Under the motto "touch the future", Drupa places the industry's innovative power on center stage and provides a platform for future technologies. The focus is especially on next-generation and highlight themes such as print, packaging production, multichannel, 3D printing, functional printing and green printing.
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