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PHNIX is a limelight with its newly developed pool heat pumps at interbad 2016

Stuttgart, Germany, October 10th - PHNIX, a leading swimming pool heat pump supplier in China, has been well received with its Swimming/Spa Pool Heat Pump, Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump and Heat Pump Dehumidifier at interbad 2016 from September 27 to 30.
International Trade Fair interbad 2016
Interbad 2016 mainly focuses on swimming pools, sauna and spas. During the 4 days, the exhibition attracts an international audience of about 500 exhibitors, 15,000 guests from 64 countries. Among them, many are experts of pool heat pump’s product innovations, latest trends and developments, who even can set benchmarks for the pool heat pump field. 
PHNIX at interbad 2016
PHNIX showcased a comprehensive pool heat pump series, as follows:
1.EVI Spa/Swimming Pool Heat Pump(newly-launched) 
2.Heat Pump Dehumidifier
3.Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump
4.Vertical Swimming Pool Heat Pump 
5.Horizontal Swimming Pool Heat Pump
All of them are so eye-catching and popular that they have been purchased on site by professional buyers. In conclusion, interbad 2016 not only helps PHNIX promote heat pump, but greatly enhances PHNIX’s understanding of German market, even the whole European market, the state-of-art heat pump technology and future trend.
620pool heat pumps at interbad
The photo shows customers are interested in PHNIX Inverter Pool Heat Pump on site.
PHNIX’s Popular Products on Site
PHNIX has continuously focused on research and development of swimming pool heat pump new technology, including inverter technology and EVI technology.
Adopting EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) technology, EVI Spa/Swimming Pool Heat Pump can operate safely and stablyat low ambient temperature -25℃. Besides, the outlet water temperature can reach as high as 43℃. Compared with normal swimming pool heat pumps, PHNIX EVI Spa/Swimming Pool Heat Pumps have a wider ambient working temperature range and a higher COP for spa, swimming pool and spring on domestic and commercial occasions. On site, it has attracted great attention, especially from low temp. region like Russia and Northern Europe.
PHNIX's inverter technology ensures pool heat pumps a higher COP, shorter heating time and less energy consumption, compared with those of normal heat pumps. PHNIX Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump has a high-end controller with a 5-inch color touch screen. The temperature and power consumption curve on it makes you always clear of the energy use. Besides, with PHNIX Smart Pool Heater APP, you can control your heat pump, whenever and wherever you are.
620-2pool heat pumps at interbad
The photo shows customers are interested in PHNIX Inverter Pool Heat Pump on site.
Absorbing clammy air in pool house and transferring it to warm and dry air, PHNIX Heat Pump Dehumidifier works as indispensable partners with PHNIX residential pool heat pumps. when the units are at work, users enjoy swimming in a comfortable pool house environment. And meanwhile, problems as wall condensation and furniture corrosion are solved. What’s more, PHNIX dehumidifier is good-looking with black glass panel casing. Considering all the advantages, it is very popular among the visitors.
Founded in 2002 by Andrew Yi Zong, Guangdong PHNIX Eco-Energy Solution Ltd. is an international enterprise specialized in R&D and production of heat pump products and energy-saving solutions. Nearly 50% of PHNIX products are exported to Europe, United States and other overseas markets. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, PHNIX has been named as China High-quality Brand and Guangzhou High-tech Enterprise. For more information about PHNIX and its products, please
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