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PHNIX Launches Smart Control System

PHNIX, one of the largest heat pump manufacturers in China, is about to launch a smart control system, a remote control used in computers and smart phones, which can control appliance wherever you are only if you have internet.

The smart control system realizes controlling appliances without staying at home. Through the network, the service team or the end users can use any web-connected devices to monitor the state of the unit or control the unit by transmitting data to the server. Then the server will transmit the data to the appliance and direct it to work according to the intention of the service team or the users.

The App developed by PHNIX can bring more convenience to the end users. For the users, they can control and set their appliances at home or anywhere else with a smart phone. With distinct interface and handy operation, the App brings perfect using experience and will be an intimate assistant for every user. /p>

Take the domestic hot water unit for example, the App for smart phones including the following functions:

Running State Monitoring– The running mode, ambient temperature, target temperature, available hot water volume, unit On/Off state are all showed on the home page with images. Users can see the appliance running state visually.

Mode Selecting –With mode introduction following, each mode is showed on the same page. Users can choose the mode they like easily and clearly free of referring to the operation manual every time.

Timer Setting – Users can set more than one timer including on just one page and check the condition of every timer at one time. It can save much time by simply tapping the relative icons.

Diagram Display – Inlet/Outlet water temperature at different time period is clearly displayed in a diagram for users to check.


GUANGDONG PHNIX ECO-ENERGY SOLUTION LTD., one of the largest manufacturers of heat pumps in China, is an international enterprise specialized in researching, developing and producing heat pump products as well as providing comprehensive eco-energy solutions. More than 60% of PHNIX products are exported to Europe and America and other oversea markets. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, PHNIX Group adopts advanced technology for producing heat pump main units and spare parts. PHNIX has been named as Chinese High-quality Brand and Guangzhou High-tech Enterprise. For more information about PHNIX and its products, please visit http://www.phnix-e.com/ .

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