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PHNIX New Inverter Pool Heat Pump Introduced in North America to Enhance Cooperation

ORLANDO, Fla., June 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- PHNIX (, one of the largest manufacturers of swimming pool heat pumps in China, will introduce its new inverter pool heat pump introduction in North America in June 2016.
PHNIX New Inverter Pool Heat Pump
PHNIX has continuously focused on research and development of new technology in the swimming pool heat pump sector, which includes its inverter pool heat pump.
PHNIX's inverter technology allows swimming pool heat pumps to reach an extremely high coefficient of performance (COP) compared with other units. Its heating time is also much shorter and therefore saves time and energy. Unlike a normal inverter pool heater, the PHNIX inverter has a high-end controller with a 5-inch color touch screen on which the temperature and power consumption levels are always clearly displayed.
The smart control system is another highlight of the PHNIX inverter pool heat pump, as it enables users to control the heat pump at home or anywhere else from their mobile phone. Furthermore, through the network, the service team or the end users can monitor the state of a unit or control a unit by transmitting data to the server with any web-connected device. 
620PHNIX New Inverter Pool Heat Pump
PHNIX in North America
According to David Xu, PHNIX senior executive in charge of international pool products line, all the time, PHNIX has close cooperation with North American business partners who vigorously accelerate the sales of its innovative products and technology. PHNIX has been in the North American markets for ten years. PHNIX has provided customers with cost-effective and customized OEM swimming pool heat pumps and services in North 
PHNIX will consolidate its product strength in the North American market and enhance the cooperation with local business partners. This year, PHNIX will launch more competitive new policies to promote the North American market and support local customers with a new series of products, such as new inverter pool heat pumps.
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