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PHNIX New Products Commercial Pool Heat Pump Unveiled On Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2017


Guangzhou,China - Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2017 was held at Poly World Trade Expo Center in Pazhou, Guangzhou during May 12-14, 2017. A delightful new product, the multi-series commercial pool heat pump from PHNIX, a leading pool heat pump manufacturer in China, debuted at the exhibition.
At this exhibition, PHNIX focused on the display of commercial pool heat pump and large pool dehumidifier. These two product lines attracted a lot of buyers from coastal areas in southeastern China. In recent years, more and more villas and high-end leisure club in Chinese coastal provinces adopted PHNIX pool energy-saving solutions, according to Mr. Chen Feng, PHNIX product manager in charge of pool heat pump business in mainland China.

(The picture shows the scene of customer consultation at PHNIX’s exhibition stand)

In the first day of the exhibition, many pool heat pump buyers from Europe, South America and Southeast Asia visited PHNIX’s exhibition stand. Some of them expressed a keen interest in PHNIX commercial series EcoMaster Pool Heat Pumps and some of them even entered into business cooperation agreements on the spot, according to Mr. Howard Zhang, PHNIX product manager of overseas swimming pool business.
About PHNIX commercial EcoMaster Pool Heat Pumps
With COP of 5.7 under working condition of 24˚C/19˚C, PHNIX EcoMaster Pool Heat Pumps have high working efficiency for both pool cooling and heating. Owe to the centralized control system of PHNX commercial EcoMaster Pool Heat Pumps, the Master-slave control can function more efficiently .What’s more, when a failure happens on the unit , it will not affect the operation of the remaining units. The PHNIX EcoMaster SERIES Pool Heat Pumps are widely used in public places like hotels, school, aqua parks all over the world.
About Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2017
As Asia's leading trade fair of swimming pool, sauna, spa and bath industries, Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2017(Formerly China International Sauna & Spa & Pool Fair) is held at Poly World Trade Center Expo. Pazhou, Guangzhou during May 12-14, 2017. Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2017 has attracted over 200 renowned exhibitors from home and abroad, and 16,000 visitors have been invited. The Villas, Hotels & Clubs Design Forum 2017 was held concurrently at the expo, and international visitors will be organized to local factories for free, according to the official website of Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2017.


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