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PHNIX New Swimming Pool Heat Pump And House Heating Heat Pump in Short Supply in Eastern Europe


- Boasts Best Price-quality Ratio
GUANGZHOU, China, June 5, 2017 - With the coming of swimming pool heat pump selling season in the Eastern Europe market, some of PHNIX's new series of pool heat pumps and house heating heat pumps featured with high cost-effectiveness are in short supply. "PHNIX is aware of the increased demand. We are responding quickly by taking effective measures to enhance production capacity," said Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business.
Currently, there is a large demand for the PHNIX pool heat pump Comfort series in some Eastern European countries including Poland and the Czech Republic. So far, the model of cooperation between PHNIX and its European business partners is OEM, according to the PHNIX senior product manager in charge of pool heat pump products.

The picture shows PHNIX adopting its own pool heat pump on its roof swimming pool.

About PHNIX Comfort Series of Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Highly Customized Some kinds of galvanized steel and plastic casings are optional. And it's really easy to do maintenance for PHNIX series pool heat pump. Just remove one screw and the cover can be easily removed.
COP as high as 5.8  Comfort series strives to deliver perfect swimming experience with exceptional performance at the lowest cost. Its COP can go as high as 5.8+ at 27oC/24.3 oC (DB/WB).
Thread Titanium Heat Exchanger  PHNIX proprietary 9.52mm twisted Titanium coils ensure maximum heat transfer surface, resulting in increased output, and 30% higher efficiency in contrast with standard heat exchangers.
About PHNIX Hero Series of House Heating DC Inverter Heat Pump
PHNIX DC inverter heat pump can work efficiently through floor heating, water fan coil or radiator for heating/cooling. The monobloc design makes it easy for outdoor installation. This series of unit utilizes advanced heat pump technology to achieve high efficiency with a COP of up to 5.0. The energy consumption of Hero Series is 30% less than that of standard heat pump units.


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