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PHNIX Printing Dryer Made a Breakthrough in Application

ZHENGZHOU, China-PHNIX won the bidding of the key Color Printing Packing energy-saving project of Shineway Group (the meat processing enterprise leader in China). PHNIX printing drying energy-saving solutions will be the sole contractor for Shineway Group’s project.
At present, in Shineway Group, the meat processing enterprise leader in China, the energy saving transformation project is well under way. 20 units of PHNIX hot air printing dryers have successfully completed the installation and commissioning. It is learnt that in China, across the country, hundreds of large soft package printing enterprises have successfully implement integrated energy-saving modification of printing production line, mostly thanks to PHNIX’s unique energy saving heat recovery technology which can effectively reduce 40%-50% the cost of their investments in emissions. 
Based on PHNIX new design of the air flow measuring technology, the air flow of printing and drying process can be precisely controlled to 0.5 persent. Using heat pump heating system, it can save at least 60 persent for the printing enterprise's energy consumption. 
620Phnix Printing
         The picture shows PHNIX printing dryers installation site in Shineway Group
According to some PHNIX experts from R&D department, all the time, PHNIX focuses on the R&D of new technology and new products in the field of saving energy, which PHNIX hot air printing dryer is just as the kind. The series of PHNIX printing dryers are a proven comprehensive energy-saving solution specializing in flexible packaging industry. The hot air dryers adopt a unique heat reclaim technology, which effectively makes full of use the waste heat as part of its drying process. Compared with the traditional boiler and electric heating system, PHNIX hot air dryers can ultimately reduce users’ energy costs up to 70%.
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