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PHNIX Releases New Generation of Concealed DC Water Fan Coil-More Powerful Capabilities for Heat Pump House Heating/Cooling


Guangzhou, China, 12th April, 2018- PHNIX recently announced the availability of its new release concealed DC water fan coil. PHNIX patented DC heat pump technology built inside the unit are set to satisfy the demand of the market for advanced house heating/cooling product combined with the environmental protection energy supply -the most trending air source heat pump.


To further follow the market trend for proficiency, reliability and energy saving of house heating/cooling heat pump product, PHNIX involves multiple new features to this new generation of DC water fan coil.

"We are delighted and more than exciting to announce the release of PHNIX concealed DC water fan coil for it energizing the advancement of green energy in the field of house heating.” Said Jab Fan, senior global sales and product manager of PHNIX overseas department. "This release, as always, is very much a collaborative effort between PHNIX and our cooperative partners. The product evolves as a result of invaluable mutual communication and feature requests we receive from them which thanks a lot to their long term collection of the relevant data, enabling us to drive innovation and continuously set the industry standard in house heating/cooling heat pump excellence." he added.

Major highlights of the new PHNIX Concealed DC Water Fan Coil:

  • The thickness of the fan coils is only 195mm. With optional condensate water drain pump, 30mm of installation space can be saved.

  • Water pan is designed inside the unit, which can prevent pollution from dust and junk, and it is beneficial for the drain of condensate water.


  • The electric box is with only one screw, convenient for maintenance. Thanks to this design, extra maintenance hole is not needed, contributing to a nice appearance for your home.


  • The fan coil is equipped with plastic DC brushless fan motor designed to be easily disassembled without readjusting its dynamic balance. The motor is safe and stable for being supplied with power of 24V and outstandingly efficient for its saving up to 60% of energy compared to traditional AC fan motor.

  • With golden hydrophile finned-tube heat exchanger, high anti-corrosion capacity is realized. Also, because of specific installation angle for the heat exchanger, the fan coil can reach lower noise level.



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