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PHNIX shows on ISH Expo

It’s reported from Frankfurt, Germany, ISH expo, one of the most famous professional new energy expos lasting for five-day’s duration and, attracting a lot of well-known new- energy manufacturers and transnational purchasing agents, held at Frankfurt International exhibition centre . PHNIX group, one of the most professional and important heat-pump manufacturers in China, strikes a pose on the expo with many series new heat-pump products.
A PHNIX top manager who’s in charge of EU markets meant(mentioned) that ISH is a first-rate global professional expo which has a long history for 50 years and, PHNIX group attaches great importance to collaborate with ISH while he said in an interview with local media in Frankfurt. And on ISH expo of this year, PHNIX showed series of high-end Polaris heat-pump, KK series, high temperature water heater, and so on.
The top manager said PHNIX will put more resources on EU markets to seek more access serving the local customers and consumers in the coming year.



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