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PHNIX Heat Pump Smart App Make Remote Control a Snap


GUANGZHOU, China, August 16, 2017 16, -- PHNIX ( has been incorporating the smart app control into its swimming pool heat pump application since 2013, leading the heat pump industry as a pioneer to a high technology revolution. This creative design makes remote control, instant failure analyze and heat pump resources &information management simple and flexible.


Alongside the energy-efficient technology built into every PHNIX swimming pool heat pump, this smart app control with a series of powerful functions please home users and distributors alike, according to Peter Wang, deputy general manager in charge of PHNIX overseas business.
This smart app control ( using in computers and smartphones under internet connection, can easily control the heat pump from anywhere at any time. Not only can it maximize the comfort for users by realizing remote control of their heat pump, such as mode selection, working schedule, failure feedback& tracking and sub account sharing, but also can it assists the distributors in grasping the information of users’ pool heat pump location& distribution, surrounding condition, using preference & habit and even their need.
“By combining the smart app control with PHNIX swimming pool heat pump, we’ve eliminated the need for our distributors to arrange a service team to check the failure of their heat pump in the field during the after sales period, since the smart app can build and offer an instant access to the error report that shows the users what trigger it, effectively cutting the labor cost for our distributors.” said Peter.


For the users, with distinct interface and handy operation, the smart app control are designed to bring them more convenience
Running State Monitoring- The running mode,  target temperature, unit On/Off state are all shown on the home page with images. Users can see the appliance running state visually.
Mode Selecting - Featuring with an easy and pleasant display, PHNIX app control can help users to choose the mode they like from heating, cooling and auto easily and clearly and get their pool ready before they are home
Smart schedule - Users can set a personalized schedule with different working hours to have their pool automatically started up when you need it and shutdown according to the users’ using schedule.
Diagram Display - Inlet/Outlet water temperature at different time periods is clearly displayed in a diagram for users to check
GUANGDONG PHNIX ECO-ENERGY SOLUTION LTD., one of the largest manufacturers of heat pumps in China, is an international enterprise specialized in researching, developing and producing heat pump products as well as providing comprehensive eco-energy solutions. More than 50% of PHNIX products are exported to Europe and America and other overseas markets. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, PHNIX Group adopts the most advanced technology for producing heat pump main units and spare parts. PHNIX has been named as Chinese High-quality Brand and Guangzhou High-tech Enterprise. For more information about PHNIX and its products, please visit


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