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PHNIX Solutions Popular in the Exchange in Shanxi

The 2010 Exchange of Selection and Design of Building Energy-saving Technology was held in Shanxi recently. Designers from about 200 local designing institutes and experts of HAVC attended the meeting. PHNIX Group, as one of the title sponsors, exhibited its newest products: the heat pumps of Polaris series, and the integrated solutions of ground source heat pump of KK series plus hot water heat pump, as required by the organizing committee.
 At this meeting, the experts of HAVC and the local designers discussed about the selection of energy-efficient equipment and the transformation program of building energy saving. It is reported that more than 90% of the newly built constructions in the cities at the county level and above Shanxi province met the building energy-saving standard. The reduction of the emission of the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide is about 2,790,000 tons. For the past few years, Shanxi province makes great efforts to promote the application of renewable energy sources in the construction. The related technologies and products from the PHNIX and other professional heat pump suppliers have generated more and more social and economic benefits in the local energy-saving buildings.
More still, experts from the PHNIX New Energy R&D Department have communicated with the local architects and businessman present at the meeting. In details, they introduced the application of the new technology of high temperature heat pump in the low temperature ambient and the high temperature heat pumps of Polaris series. All the participants appreciated the efforts to develop the new energy technology and the contributions to the construction industries which were made by PHNIX in Shanxi.
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