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PHNIX Targets the Best On–Site Heat Pump Technical Training


JERUSALEM, Israel, 19th September, 2017—After the recent training program in India, PHNIX technical team continues non-stop for more trainings to cooperative partners in other countries and regions. On 12th September, 2017, PHNIX technical team conducted technical trainings in Israel which gained high recognition and appreciation from the cooperative partners.
As a company who is truly customer-focused, PHNIX understands how important technical advices, supports and trainings is to our cooperative partners especially during the process of their servicing the customers, also how professional service they offer to their customers fits into their culture and how it plays a role in it.

(The picture shows the training scene in Israel)

PHNIX’s training method is specially designed according to different requirements and conditions of partners in different regions. The process is never filling out papers or simply reciting the technical principles. Rather, PHNIX have the engineers who attend the training dived into a practical training program, where engineers get an in-depth look with live example at how every parts function inside a heat pump, what may trigger the malfunction and how to troubleshoot it, as well as the technical knowledge buried in it – including the heat pump operation system that supports it and the heat transformation model that drives it. This hands-on, up-close training greatly improves the service level and professionalism of an engineer.

(The picture shows the training scene in Israel)

Troy Wang, senior product manager of PHNIX, as well as the leader of the technical team to Israel noted “After the training, engineers grow stronger and solider in the part of foundational heat pump knowledge. What’s more, we understand and tackle the technical problems that confuse them and introduce to them some advanced troubleshooting method with technical insight which raise the efficiency and level of satisfaction when offering technical customer service.”
PHNIX realizes the necessity of offering a customized on–site technical training to our cooperative partners which can help them to learn thoroughly about the product according to their need, strengthen their ability of troubleshooting the local customer’s problems that varies from area to area. Furthermore, these technical trainings can be a strong support to assist the partners in further developing their market and building a professional enterprise image. With this commitment, PHNIX has been striving to make itself to be “Legend” in the heat pump technical training program world and targeting the best on–site training for customers.


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