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PHNIX to Launch New Inverter Pool Heat Pump in North America to Support Business Partners


Los Angeles, US, July 24, 2017 -- A PHNIX team involving experienced product managers, technical and marketing engineers, who led by Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX overseas business, is conducting annual market research and technical training in North America. This trip to North America is aiming at the introduction of new Inverter pool heat pump and discussing with local partners about PHNIX new products and technologies’ application and promotion in the North American market. Peter Wang stressed, PHNIX will release more new pool and house heating heat pumps in North America to support business partners in the coming seasons.
The PHNIX team visited California, New Jersey, New Orleans, Massachusetts, Florida and some other states to analyze the current local market situation of pool heat pumps. The PHNIX team was also invited to visit some significant players in the local pool heat pump industry, and had a few discussions with some PHNIX’s key partners together about the application of pool heat pump technology between China and the United States, as well as the future development trend of the pool industry. Some key PHNIX business distributors in United States have shown strong interests with PHNIX inverter pool heat pumps, commercial series pool heat pumps, PHNIX smart APP control and centralized control technology.

(The picture shows PHNIX Turbo series of inverter pool heat pump.)

About PHNIX Turbo Series Inverter Pool Heat Pump
Full DC Inverter Technology PHNIX full DC technology enables the heat pump to adjust its strength from 10% to 90% according to the requirements. With this technology, PHNIX Turbo Series can reach a COP as high as 20.04 at Air 27℃/ Humidity 80%, which is certified under TUV Rheinland.
Smart App Remote Control  On a business trip or a holiday travel? Set and check your temperature via the app in your smart phone. The pool temperature is just at your fingertips.
28dB(A) Low Noise at 10m Distance PHNIX Turbo Series Pool Pump is specially designed with a silence mode to create a comfortable living environment at night for users. Under silence mode, the heat pump is running at 28dB(A) low noise.


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