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PHNIX Wins Coal-to-Electricity Project with 10,000 HeatPro Series Heat Pumps In North China 


BEIJING, Nov. 21, 2016 -- PHNIX, the leading manufacturer of heat pumps in China, anounces that it has won a 10,000 unit order for its Low-temp. Heat Pump HeatPro Series on a Coal-to-Electricity mega-project in north China. In addition, most of the installation and commissioning of the contract projects that PHINX conducted in the Beijing region have been completed, according to PHNIX senior executives in charge of the China market.
China's Coal-to-Electricity event is a large-scale government-subsidized project which aims to transform the traditional method of coal-fired house-heating during the winter in rural areas of north China, using heat pumps and other more energy-saving environmental protection equipment as an alternative. Winters in northern China are generally cold and dry, and the temperature in some extreme cold areas is often under -25oC.

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About PHNIX's Low-Temp. Heat Pump HeatPro Series
PHNIX's HeatPro Series of heat pumps, with Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology for dedicated heat pump applications, deliver outstanding performance and reliability, both in new buildings and boiler replacements. In addition to the existing heating system, PHNIX has now developed a complete product line for R410A, obtaining significant benefits for the heat pump system using this refrigerant, which enables the design of more efficient and more compact equipment.
Thanks to EVI technology, PHNIX's HeatPro Series features a wide operating temperature range; the unit can reach a high water temperature of 55-65oC even in cold climates ranging from -20oC to 43oC, and can work safely and reliably at ambient temperatures as low as -30oC with wet injection technology.
Government-Subsidized Coal-to-Electricity Project in China
In order to control the haze and adjust the country's energy infrastructure, some local governments, such as Beijing Municipality and Shanxi Province in northern China, have introduced clean air policy measures to reduce coal consumption by replacing coal-fired house-heating with air source heat pump equipment in rural areas.
In China, the current coal-to-electricity projects are in full swing, and air source heat pumps are in the limelight. Some governments in the northern provinces of China not only call for and recommend the use of air source heat pumps for house-heating, but they have also introduced a variety of subsidy policies. Users have used these subsidies to purchase heat pump products worth anywhere from a few thousand to as much as tens of thousands of RMB. Related to use the heat pumps, consumers get more benefits in the form of special power subsidies, which reduce electricity prices to as low as 1 cent per kilowatt hour. For example, the Beijing government specifies an allotment of 12,000 RMB per household for the installation of air-source heat pump, while the District government provides 6,000-12,000 RMB per household in subsidies. Beijing Fangshan District provides the highest subsidy, 24,000 RMB per household. Shanxi Province is also promoting air source heat pump heating by subsidizing the purchasing of heat pumps and electricity within the province. In Shanxi Province, each of the provincial and municipal Financial Department subsidizes one-third of equipment purchase costs, which totals about 20,000 RMB.
As a result, mainstream heat pump manufacturers, including PHNIX in China, can obtain a large market share, benefiting from national Coal-to-Electricity projects.


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