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PHNIX Wins New Bid of Heat Pump Water Heaters in Coal-to-Electricity Project


GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 29, 2017 - PHNIX, China's leading heat pump manufacturer, has won several large orders in Coal-to Electricity tender to maintain the leading momentum in Beijing, Hebei, as well as in some provinces of west China in recent months. It is expected that PHNIX will face some supply pressure in the next three months because of PHNIX's Coal-to-Electricity orders for domestic and commercial hot water and house heating heat pumps have exceeded 40,000 units.
Last year PHNIX obtained a leading position in China's Coal-to-Electricity bidding event, but because of large demanding orders for the Coal-to-Electricity, it had led to a certain capacity pressure in PHNIX, so it specifically expanded a highly automated house heating and hot water production line last winter. But for now, even though the six production lines running at full capacity, the orders from outside of China have been increasing significantly, and some commercial house heating and hot water units are still in short supply.

(The picture shows one of the PHNIX heat pump applications in Coal-to-Electricity project.)

About PHNIX's Low-Temp. Heat Pump HeatPro Series
Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology HNIX series heat pump water heaters feature a wide operating temperature range; the unit can reach a high water temperature of 55~65˚C even in cold climates ranging from -20˚C to 45˚C, both in new buildings and boiler replacements.
Environmental Friendly R410A Refrigerant  PHNIX has now developed a complete product line for R410A, obtaining significant benefits for the heat pump system using this refrigerant. Due to adopting green refrigerant, high efficient heat exchangers and circulating heating method, PHNIX heat pump water heaters have a higher COP of 4.67.
Government-Subsidized Coal-to-Electricity Project in China 
In order to control the haze and adjust the country's energy infrastructure, some local governments, such as Beijing Municipality, have introduced clean air policy measures to reduce coal consumption by replacing coal-fired house-heating with air source heat pump equipment in rural areas. Users have used these subsidies to purchase heat pump products worth anywhere from a few thousand to as much as tens of thousands of RMB. Related to use the heat pumps, consumers get more benefits in the form of special power subsidies, which reduce electricity prices to as low as 1 cent per kilowatt hour.


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