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PHNIX Won the Bidding for Large Commercial Central Hot Water Project

According to news from Chengdu, PHNIX new high efficiency energy saving air to water heat pump units in a fierce competition with many domestic and overseas’ famous brand won the bidding  for large commercial central hot water project of China’s western key universities such as Southern National University, etc.
According to an interview granted to the Director of projects of Southern National University, the school has more than 25,000 students and the scale of student’s domestic water needs by central hot water is very large. In several rounds of bidding, PHNIX energy saving air to water heat pump units won the final bidding with its personalized electrotyped designed, high cost performance and superior low temperature performance of the units.
PHNIX has won one thousand tons of central hot water projects of students’ apartments from Southwestern University of Finance & Economics, Chengdu institute of Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Southwest Jiaotong University in a sequence before the bidding of central water project from Southwest National University. The company has enough engineering experience and has got a good reputation of large sample project in Southwest region of China.
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