Polaris EVI heat pump

PHNIX Polaris Series Air to Water Heat Pumps enjoy extensive popularity in the global market. With perfect performance at the ambient temperature as low as -25℃, the units can provide efficient heating for your house and sufficient domestic hot water for your family.


COP UP TO 4.2 30°C/35°C Working Condition N

The application of EVI technology together with the high efficiency heat exchanger improves the heat exchanging rate and results a COP of up to 4.2.

Polaris EVI heat pump condition

Smooth Operation at Ambient Temp. as Low as - 25°C

PHNIX Polaris Series Heat Pumps achieve optimum performance at ambient temperature as low as -25°C, resulting stable running all the year round

polaris EVI heat pump protections

INTENSIVE Protections

Intensive protections have been added to PHNIX Polaris Series Air to Water Heat Pumps in order to ensure that the units operate safely. Protections against high discharging temperature, high vacuum degree, excess current and large temperature differences are reinforced in Polaris Series Heat Pumps.excess current and large temperature difference are reinforced in Polaris Series Heat Pumps.

polaris EVI heat pump intensive protections

Higher Water Temp. 60°C

Due to the high outlet water up to 60 °C, the unit can replace the standard boilers in house heating and domestic hot water application.

polaris EVI heat pump tempertaure

Core Strength

Polaris EVI heat pump core strength

With the strong countercurrent design, the patented C&S heat exchanger is conducive to improving the efficiency and reliability of the unit.

Polaris EVI heat pump design

Air exchanger(fins-coil) with hydrophilic coating is highly stronger anti-corrosive and performs higher efficiency

Polaris EVI heat pump exchanger

The EVI compressor ensures the unit operate safely at low ambient temperature with higher efficiency and less noise.

Polaris EVI heat pump electronic expansion

The electronic expansion valve is critical to control the volume of the refrigerant accurately and also reduces energy consumption

Polaris EVI heat pump valve

The use of stepless speed fan motor adjusts the fan speed according to different working conditions and broadens the application range of the unit.


Polaris EVI heat pump parameters


Polaris EVI heat pump solutions

phnix Polaris series+water tank

this solution combining Polaris series air to water heat pumps with water tanks peovides heating and domestic hot water for residential use.wth appllcation of evi technology. the units are very sultan for houses in chilly areas.