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R32A Makes PHNIX EverGreen Series Pool Heat Pump A Good Investment Option for A Green Earth


“Prepare to be awed by PHNIX new EverGreen Series! It is a pool heat pump with staggeringly beautiful clean appearance, environmentally adopted the most promising green refrigerant R32 to make the world one with fresher air and future with blue sky. Leaving our succeeding generations with a clear and blue sky is what our PHNIX has long been striving for.” Said senior global sales manager of PHNIX overseas department , Howard Zhang. 


Why EverGreen Series groundbreakingly use R32 refrigerant?

R-32 is a next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has lower environmental impact. It transfers heat while circulating refrigerant between the heat pump unit and the water in the swimming pool. Compared to the refrigerants widely used today such as R-22 and R-410A, R32 has a global wamming potential which is usually called GWP that is two-third lower and is remarkable for its environmental impact, which speed up the popularity of the next generation refrigerant R-32 in the industry.

How big changes can it contribute to our earth?

As it is commonly know that R-410A is currently the refrigerant most widely used in developed countries. However, if all R-410A were converted to R-32, the impact to global warming would be reduced to a great extent, which is a dramatic change to the environment of the earth.

How much is it related to our users in Europe?

As to a regulation that is newly published. European Commission announced that all the equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases should be under the EU F-gas Regulation. It is admitted that switching to R32 has become an unstoppable trend of HVAC industry and the switch of the old and less environmental F-gas has become an imminent task of every manufacturer.

Why EverGreen Series?

Spiral Titanium Tube

Spiral Titanium Tube is with excellent correction resistance and capable of increasing the heat exchanging efficiency.

High COP

No matter it’s cold or warm outside, EverGreen Series can always maintain high COP.

Low Noise

EverGreen Series is outstandingly operating with super low noise emission which is of course your best choice for your noise-free swimming.

Energy Saving

With the advanced heat pump technology, EverGreen Series can deliver you the greatest energy savings.

Wire Display

With the user-friendly rotary design, PHNIX controller is typically designed to match your using habit and style.

Smart APP Control

PHNIX is the first heat pump supplier in China who provides smart app control for pool heat pump. Since we launched the smart control technology in 2014, our smart App has brought much convenience for our customers all over the world.



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