Smart APP Inverter Temp

Never limited by the wire, now PHNIX heater is always with you in the APP way. Get to know all things about your favorite pool anywhere, anytime. Need a swim later? Just a touch on your phone screen, the heater will start to work and prepare a comfortable pool for you.

Remote Control

To reset the target temperature or change the running mode, you won`t need to climb out of your pool and walk to the heater right now. Remote Control changes the whole control logic. Checking the water temp. or finding out the historic running states, the APP is so powerful as to replace the wired controller.

remote control


“Weather”not only shows what the weather and temperature is, it could also give you advice whether it is a good day for swimming.

heat pump weather tips

weather show


If you always swim in a specific period of 24h or it`s the season that heat pumps do not need to run all day long, setting a timer will be a good choice to help save even more energy. Once the timer is activated, an automatic startup / shutdown is to be executed at the right time quantum.

time warm

heat pump update

User-friendly & Intuitive Interfaces

intuitive interfaces

Platform & Requirements

PHNIX provides two free ways to let you get control of heat pumps
• Apps for Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets
• Webpage works on virtually any other smart device including PC

platform google play