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The Development Direction of Swimming Pool Heat Pump (1)

PHNIX swimming pool heat pumps apply titanium coil exchangers and heat pump technology which can move heat from the surroundings to the pool water. Along with the continuous improvement, PHNIX swimming pool heat pumps are specially suitable for the following sites: household swimming pools & commercial swimming pools.
So the followings will focus on the development direction of PHNIX swimming pool heat pumps:
About the base frame and external panels.
Powder coated steel and stainless steel are first introduced to be the materials for the cabinet of the swimming pool heat pumps. In the current stage, part of the swimming pool heat pumps adopt plastic plate as their casings because such material is more corrosion and rust resistant and also could make the units lighter. And in the near future the plastic material will be much popular than the powder steel & stainless steel.
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