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The Global 80eDays with An Electric Car, PHNIX to Start Off

GUANGZHOU, China - PHNIX, the world’s leading professional heat pump manufacturer, will travel around the world with an electric car in “80eDays” as a co-organizer and only delegate from China, according to the authorized personnel around here. 
All the time, PHNIX is keen on the public welfare activities, focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection. And this time, 80eDays(electric car challenge)will demonstrate to the world that electric vehicles can be a sustainable means of transportation across any country and through all types of terrain and climates to enhance the drivers’ recognition of green homeland.
620-The-Global 80e-Days-witt- An-Electric-Car- PHNIX-to-start -Off
The locally made supercar Denza , used by PHNIX
According to Andrew Yi Zong, PHNIX CEO, who will participate in the event in person, 80eDays fleet (formed of 24 drivers from 12 countries)will start off on June 16, 2016 from Barcelona in Spain to travel across the other 20 countries.
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