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The Improvement of the Controller PC8001 Project Have Made a Breakthrough

Recently, the “Improvement of the Controller PC8001 Project” has achieved initial success through unremitting efforts for more than three months, which is led by the Processing Department cooperating with the QC Department and R&D Department. The project team is led by Kuang Zhen, Head of the Production & Processing Department, to promote PHNIX R&D capability.
The successful implementation of the project has greatly improved the electronic control technical level, simplified the development and production process of electronic control items and enhanced the efficiency of production. Meanwhile, it greatly expands the room for quality improvement, provides a credible basis for subsequent researches and developments, and brings positive impact on smooth quality control process.
As one of the key projects of the PHNIX group, the success of the project implementation provides a valuable reference value for the running of the follow-up of a number of technological breakthrough projects.
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